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Re: Asking for oppinion on color of bird cages!

Posted by Jen on 4/29/07
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    I'm actually buying all new already painted cages. As far as painting an old cage the
    only safe paint to use for our feathered kids is powder coating. I actually just had one
    of my old cages powder coated. It cost me $300 but it has 5 coats on it and the cage is
    HUGE. I actually got a pretty good deal.

    On 4/29/07, Margo out West wrote:
    > Hi all,
    > Could you please tell me what kind of paint you'll be using on your cages? Or maybe
    > you're buying new, already painted cages...? I have a great cage here that's built like
    > a tank, but It's olderand I need to sand off the rust that's here and there and then re-
    > paint it with paint that is non-toxic and non-flaky to my darling birds. And they ARE
    > darling!
    > Margo...The duck lady who the ducks...and the birds ;-)
    > Silly old woman! That's me!
    > On 4/29/07, jen wrote:
    >> Thanks! I think that is probably the color I'll go with, I already have a playstand
    >> that color and a cage for my citron in sandstone. So far I like it much better than
    >> the other colors I've tried.
    >> On 4/29/07, sam wrote:
    >>> I say sandstone, it wont be too loud and will make the birds
    >>> color come out. Also, will not look dusty as well.
    >>> On 4/29/07, jen wrote:
    >>>> Hi everyone! I have recently decided to purchase all new
    >>>> cages for my flock. I have mostly macaws. I was wondering
    >>>> if anyone can reccomend a good color to get the cages in. I
    >>>> want something that will show off my kids but not show off
    >>>> the dust! I think I'm the only one that the dust bothers on
    >>>> the cages ... it's not much but enough to drive me batty!
    >>>> I've tried black cages ... they were ok. I've tried white
    >>>> cages, so far I like them the best. The colors I have to
    >>>> choose from are black, blue, green, white, sandstone and
    >>>> graphite. I'm leaning towards one of the last two. Any
    >>>> oppinions???? Thanks in advance!!