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Re: More help on cages!

Posted by Gwen on 4/30/07
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    Exactly!! I actually am the one that was going to buy Bo from you! My guys have
    big cages now but I was always told to get as big as you possibly can! Besides for
    the extra $50 they get another 8X6 inches to use!

    On 4/30/07, Lora wrote:
    > For the $50 even if you have a military get the bigger, the
    > bigger the cage the better (as long as the bar spacing is
    > right, but with macaw what is wrong :))
    > Your bird and you will be much happier with the bigger
    > cage. I have several macaws and thier cage size range
    > according to the type. And I can tell you if given the
    > chance I would always go with the bigger. When I got my
    > first bird I was told a bird should be able to flap its
    > wings in its cage. How many really can?
    > Lora