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Re: More help on cages!

Posted by Gwen on 4/30/07
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    Wow! My guys would die without a bath at least every other day!!! I bet their skin is
    soooo sore! If you ever do have to part with Bo please let me know. We are finally
    getting back on track from the furnace problem. That really scared me! One night our
    house got down to 66 degrees!!!! My house never gets below 74 so I was freakin out!
    Then it cost us almost $3000 to replace the old one! Needless to say the overtime has
    been a blessing! So if you do need to find somewhere for Bo to go .. or anyone else for
    that matter please let me know, I'll definately buy them from you. I have a harlequin too
    ... his colors are AMAZING! He's HUGE too! I can't believe how big he is! I know
    greenwings are big cause my female is pretty good sized but my Harlequin is MUCH
    bigger than her!

    On 4/30/07, Lora wrote:
    > She is such a peach. If I do part with her it would be with
    > someone who takes really good care of thier birds. (I just got
    > a another hybrid a harliquin plus a b&g) they aren't too
    > friendly They needed a good home with good food, two of the most
    > unbathed parrots I have ever seen. Even my water haters never
    > ever looked as bad, I am thinking two /three yrs no bath. But
    > that harliquin is so freakin beautiful, orange/red/black face
    > feathers. And her orange WOW!