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Re: Preening

Posted by Rose on 5/14/07
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    On 5/06/07, pam cat wrote:
    > I have a yellow crown amazon and he just over preens his
    > chest during breeding season. He does not pluck out. I have
    > sat and watched him just preen for hours on just his chest.
    > I have made and bought all kinds of new toys. Added to and
    > taken away from his diet. I have changed the music that he
    > listens to everyday. Moved his cage.Of course I did not do
    > all of this at once. I give him more attention throughout
    > the day. We have a very active household there is usually
    > someone here. I have also increased his baths. Nothing is
    > helping can someone give me any advice. thankyou

    Maybe your bird has too much time on his talons. Try making
    him take more time to find his food. If you can get it, buy
    Captive Foraging by M. Scott Echols. He describes how to
    hide your bird's food so it takes a lot longer to scavange
    for it, like a bird would in the wild. My bet is that if
    your bird has to spend more time looking for food, rather
    than just walking over to the bowl to eat, he'll spend less
    time working on himself. You can modify the tree so things
    are hidden in his cage and playspaces. You have to
    introduce this program gradually but my birds enjoy the hunt.

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