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Post: He won't play!

Posted by Robin on 6/04/07

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    I have a pionus that was really rather quiet for the first
    couples years. He's lately been shrieking alot. He gets so
    angry when I leave the room, even tho he can follow me, he
    won't. He won't play with anything I give him. I feel bad,
    but I can't be his whole life! He can be really sweet, but
    in the spring when the days get long, he has bitten me.
    Last year and this one. I admit I am leery of putting my
    hand up to him, let alone cuddle like I used to,(he got my
    nose really badly)so use a perch to carry him, but I can
    pet him and handle his wings without fuss. Any ideas for
    helping him be more content and happy? He has free roam of
    the house for the most part, two cages and a tree in the
    kitchen. He gets destructive on the doors if they are
    closed. I think he's just bored, but nothing seems to
    interest him anymore. Ideas?

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