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Re: Baby Vos Eclectus Is Reluctant to Eat Her Fruits and Veg

Posted by Tracey on 7/04/07
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    On 7/03/07, karen wrote:
    > On 7/03/07, Tracey wrote:
    >> We have a baby Vos Eclectus (recently weaned) that is
    > being
    >> awfully darn stubborn about eating her fruits and veggies.
    >> She really, really likes those little fruit flavored
    >> cockatiel pellets and papaya, but that's about it. We've
    >> tried Kiwi, oranges, apples, bananas, corn on the cob,
    >> tomatoes, eggs, spaghetti, carrots, and two different
    > types
    >> of peppers. She'll nibble on things (mostly the peppers
    > and
    >> carrots) but most of it just ends up all over my floor. I
    >> realize she's just a baby and it will take time for her to
    >> pick up a taste for all of these things, but I also know
    >> that it's not a good thing for her to just eat pellets as
    >> they may or may not cause toe tapping and the such.
    >> So, any ideas on how to get her to ditch the pellets and
    >> eat her greens?
    > Hi
    > Glad to hear you are trying! Here are some things that
    > worked for me.
    > Try adding some steamed chopped vegetables to some baby food.
    > Your baby may like the soft feel of the steamed veg and the
    > sweet of the baby food, carrot may work.
    > Soft garbonzo beans are also good. I got my guys eating veg
    > by letting them take them off my plate.
    > Try feeding you boy with a plastic baby spoon, my guys will
    > take anything off a spoon.
    > Try blanched green beans & long strips of sweet potato
    > lightly baked. The leaves off broccoli are some of my guy’s
    > favorite. I had to eat a bean and hand one to my bird, eat
    > another one and say YUMM.
    > If you act like it is good he may try it.
    > You may also want to try a better pellet. I do not like
    > pellets with color. Talk to you vet about
    > Harrison organic parrot food.
    > Keep trying & good luck!


    Thank you so much for responding! We're going to try the
    steamed chopped veggies today (went out and bought them last
    night after I read your response). We also picked up some of
    the garb. beans, green beans, sweet potato, and broccoli (I
    think that was one of our problems...we were giving her a lot
    of fruit, but no veggies really).

    "If you act like it is good he may try it." Excellent advice!
    My husband picked up some of the fruits we had given her a few
    hours prior (the ones she absolutely refused to touch) and
    started nibbling on them, acting like they were the best thing
    in the world. It didn't take long before she was eating them,
    too! We were very happy.

    We do have some pellets that don't have color, so we're going
    to try to give those to her today instead of the colored ones.

    She has a vet appointment on Friday (she's going to love us
    after that, haha). Other than that, there's not much else to
    report (except for the fact that she is the SWEETEST baby
    ever). When we first brought her home, she was very protective
    of her cage, would chase us away from her, chewed on our hands,
    and was pretty darn standoffish all of the time. I knew she was
    probably just scared and that she would pull out of it...I just
    didn't know when! Well, these past couple of days, she's just
    been an absolute doll...letting us kiss her on her beak and
    head, pet her beak/head/back, carry her around on our
    shoulders, and etc. No biting, either!

    All right! Enough with my rambling! Thanks again, Karen!