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Re: Baby Vos Eclectus Is Reluctant to Eat Her Fruits and Veg

Posted by karen on 7/04/07
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    Glad to hear things are working out.
    Ask the Vet about food. Some pellets are like white bread with
    color and scent added.
    Please don't let the vet do a wing trim on a baby.
    I have seen too many split breast areas on young birds from a
    too early wing trim. They fall hard & split the skin!
    The baby needs to "get her feet under her" before the wings are
    trimmed. Then if needed do it just a little bit at a time.
    I have also seen birds that start to pluck & mutilate after a
    poorly done or poorly timed wing trim.
    Give her time to gain strength and confidence
    Remember birds are like 2 year olds, baby see, baby do.
    Best of luck