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Post: Nearly Weaned Pigeon Ingested Slightly Soapy Formula...

Posted by Concerned on 7/05/07

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    I have a nearly weaned pigeon (almost fully feathered).
    This morning, I was cleaning out his syringe to give him
    some formula. I must not've gotten all the soap out of the
    syringe, however. 1/2 way through feeding him, I noticed a
    soapy looking white patch of bubbles inside the syringe. I
    immediately stopped giving him the formula and gave him
    some fresh, cold water.

    I don't know if he actually ingested any of the soap. When
    I tipped the syringe over (and held it in the position that
    I do when I feed him, the soap was at the top, not near the
    bottom where the formula comes out).

    Am I freaking out over nothing or should I be genuinely

    Thank you.

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