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Re: Another bird?

Posted by Donna on 8/24/07
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    On 8/08/07, Angela wrote:
    > I had two female cockatiels. Both females were chronic egg
    > layers, which became very problematic for me. One died
    > about almost a year ago from an egg tearing through her
    > uterus. After the one died, my girl got very lonely and
    > became clingy and anxious. I chose not to get another
    > cockatiel because I did not want to end up with another
    > chronic egg laying female and I did not want a male because
    > I donít want to breed. I asked for advice then and most of
    > the suggestions told me to get a budgie. I purchased a male
    > due to my frustrations with egg laying. I purchased him
    > when he was 8 weeks and now I have had him about half a
    > year. Their cages are next to each other for company during
    > the day while I am at work. The problem is my new parakeet
    > is very aggressive. He seems to show no interest in bonding
    > with me. He will let me pick him up and pet him but he
    > makes it very clear that he hates it. The real problem is
    > that he attacks my female cockatiel if they are ever out of
    > the cage at the same time. He just runs right at her, beak
    > open and goes straight for her face. Now I have two
    > frustrated birds. At the very least, my cockatiel is no
    > longer as terribly lonely and anxious. She still isnít as
    > happy as she was before my other cockatiel died. But she at
    > least has her bond with me. The parakeet has no one. So my
    > question is thisÖ do I get another parakeet for the male?
    > Will he then be socially satisfied and not put his focus on
    > attacking my cockatiel? Or will adding another parakeet
    > just drive the first oneís defensiveness? Will a third bird
    > just add conflict? Or will it make my parakeet happy?
    > Please advise.
    > Thank you, Angela

    Angela: No one knows how one bird is going to react to
    another bird. If the one is aggressive towards the other do
    not let them out at the same time. It is best that while
    trying to tame your baby budgie that you have no
    distractions. One on one attention is best. I don't think
    getting another bird is going to make this situation any
    better for you or the birds. As far as for chronic egg laying
    reduce the amount of day time for her and take anything like
    papers and things away from her. She thinks these are nesting
    materials and will use them to make a nest.

    Good luck