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Re: Wood Stove Safe to use Around Birds?

Posted by tricia on 2/11/12
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    On 4/28/09, rich wrote:
    > Wood burning fireplaces and wood stoves if properly ventilated
    > not harm birds. carbon monoxide detector for what? carbonmonoxide
    > detects gaseous fumeslike natural gas,propane etc.... wood dont
    > cause anything that youd need a carbon monoxide detector for maybe
    > a smoke alarm.ive heated outdoor aviaries wiht wood for years and
    > no isues. but i have the proper stacks etc no hilljack shortcut
    > vent pipes and etc.,
    My neighbor and I have just adopted two Mccaws and I would like to
    know if using our firepalce in our home is safe for her I was told
    we could not build a fire as long as we had her yes it is vented out
    the roof like any normal fireplace is. I just do not want anything
    to happen to her thank you