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Re: Wood Stove Safe to use Around Birds?

Posted by LP on 3/25/08
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    Hello - I have had a woodstove in my living room which we use
    exclusively for heat here in the north, with birds just upstairs
    for 4 years. The only thing I have done is in instances where the
    stove is smoking while I'm loading it (usually when there is low
    air pressure) I close the door to the upstairs to keep the smoke
    from getting up. It has on occasion gotten up there and my birds
    are very healthy and fit. I keep a smoke detector right above the
    stove which goes off at the slightest presence of fumes.

    So far so good! Be sure to maintain the humidity of your home is
    my only other suggestion.

    Best wishes!

    On 12/10/07, Rick wrote:
    > On 9/20/07, ljhassell wrote:
    >> Hi Tammy, sorry wasnt on for a few days-
    >> FIREPLACES - If you use a fireplace for heat in the winter
    >> and have an airtight home, please be sure to place carbon
    >> monoxide alarms in your home. I personally know of a case
    >> where a cockatiel became ill and so did the owners of the
    >> newer airtight home because of carbon monoxide poisoning.
    >> They were fortunate to be alive.
    >> On 9/17/07, Tammy B wrote:
    >>> Hi, I am getting a parrot soon. We heat with a wood stove
    >>> in our living room. Will it be safe to have the bird in
    >>> the same room? Sometimes when the door is opened to
    >>> refill the wood, some smoke comes out. Thanks.
    > We were also considering installing a wood stove but not sure
    > of the cons regarding our birds. If anyone with some
    > intelligence could offer some useful information, I'm sure it
    > would be greatly appreciated for both Tammy and myself.
    > Thanks,Rick