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Re: Wood Stove Safe to use Around Birds?

Posted by ljhassell on 9/20/07
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    Hi Tammy, sorry wasnt on for a few days-

    FIREPLACES - If you use a fireplace for heat in the winter
    and have an airtight home, please be sure to place carbon
    monoxide alarms in your home. I personally know of a case
    where a cockatiel became ill and so did the owners of the
    newer airtight home because of carbon monoxide poisoning.
    They were fortunate to be alive.

    On 9/17/07, Tammy B wrote:
    > Hi, I am getting a parrot soon. We heat with a wood stove
    > in our living room. Will it be safe to have the bird in
    > the same room? Sometimes when the door is opened to
    > refill the wood, some smoke comes out. Thanks.