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Re: Wood Stove Safe to use Around Birds?

Posted by To Michelle on 9/20/07
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    Boy Michelle you certainly give yourself away. Maybe you should
    use spell check before sending things out!! Every one of your
    posts is that of a 3rd grader.
    Go back to bird begging.

    On 9/20/07, Headcase wrote:
    > Sounds like a personal problem- sorry you are threatned by
    > someone that actually cares and is knowledgable. I feel for
    > anyone looking for help- or anything on here. wow- scum board!
    > On 9/20/07, for ljhassell wrote:
    >> On 9/20/07, ljhassell wrote:
    >>> Hi Tammy, sorry wasnt on for a few days-
    >> Can't say anyone missed you or your rediculous postings.
    >> Take some more time off. Actually, don't come back.