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Post: Beautiful Dbl Yellow Head Amazon for sale

Posted by Rita Hulsey on 9/30/07

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    I bought this beautiful male for my female but she is just
    too gentle for this rough guy and is scared to death of
    him. I don't want my female upset so I need to find a good
    home for Cracker. He talks some, loves to be in a cage
    outside, will step upwith on your hand quite easily but
    you'll end up being bitten. I'm asking just what I paid
    for him, $350 and that includes his carrying case and
    cage. I've got too many birds to play with and this bird
    is jealous. I think he needs to be in a one bird home to
    be worked . I can't say enough about how beautiful he is.

    I live in the Southern end of Wyoming

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