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Re: New conure

Posted by A Bird Owner on 10/17/07
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    From the way it sounds you are not going to be the one taking
    care of the bird, it will be your sister & mom. Unless they
    both are willing to deal with the many problems this bird
    apparently has ( plus the great possibility of getting
    injured by the bird ) on a daily basis, you'd do well to not
    saddle them with that responsibility. It sounds like this
    bird not only needs care, but daily training, which you've
    msde clear in your post that you can't personally give to
    him. You can't expect to teach a bird anything in just a few
    days & then be gone for weeks or months at a time & expect
    him to remember anything. That would only confuse this poor
    bird more. So do him & your a family a favor & let his owner
    find him a home with someone who can meet all of his needs on
    a consistance basis & hopefully break his biting problem.

    When you get out of college & have the time to care for your
    own birds 100% of the time then consider getting a larger
    bird. But until then you just don't have the time or
    knowledge to commit to a bird with obvious behaviour