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Re: New conure

Posted by Popcorn on 10/18/07
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    There is also the problem that the current owner is my Mom's
    boyfriend and he doesn't want to give it to anyone else. It was
    my mom who convinced him that he was not caring for the bird
    properly and told him that she was taking it. I know that it is
    going to be rough, and I don't expect to make any progress with
    him until summer when I have three months to work wich him daily.
    I also realize that three months of training will probably not
    stick and I will have to start over every time I am home. It is a
    long time, but I only have one more year before I can bring the
    birds with me. It is not the best situation but it is better than
    him living on the top of a bookcase, unable to interact with
    anyone and living in filth.
    Back to my actual question, does anyone have any ideas for
    entertaining him? Special toys that most conures seem to enjoy?