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Re: New conure

Posted by A Bird Owner on 10/20/07
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    I wish you would have made it clear in your 1st post about the bird
    being owned by your Mom's BF & all of that. Your 1st post sounded
    like you where getting the bird from someone you didn't know or who
    didn't know you.

    So, if your Mom & sister are willing to take on this bird in your
    absence & work with him ( which is a MUST from day 1 he enters her
    home ) than that is a different story. If your Mom & sister already
    have an idea what it's going to take in caring for this bird & is in
    agreement, than you 3 need to sit down ASAP & work on a training plan
    together, before getting the bird. But I still say that you NEED to
    keep this bird totally AWAY from your other birds ( in a seperate
    room ) at the very least for 30 days & better for 60 days, to MAKE
    SURE that he/she doesn't have anything that could make the birds you
    already have ill or die.

    I'm not sure off hand how large of a bird a conure is ( I have an
    Amazon that was 6-7 years old when we got him & that was 5 years
    ago ). But I would suggest getting a new & larger cage for him & put
    assorted perches & chew toys that are appropriate for that type of
    bird in the new cage. Our Zon knew nothing about toys or even chewing
    on wood or cardboard the first 4 years we had him. ( Yes, I did get &
    try several things for him, but he totally ignored them.) He finally
    decided earlier this year that he liked his rope perch as a chew toy.
    So I bought him a spiral rope boing at a bird show earlier this year,
    which he loves! And he finally discovered wood & cardboard boxes this
    summer & loves to play with & shred small/clean cardboard boxes.

    By getting the conure a new/larger cage/home he will be more
    comfortable & shouldn't be as territoral to start out & may even help
    with his biting issue up front. But like I said, as soon as he comes
    into your Mom's home the re-training needs to be started post haste,
    if not you may never be able to retrain or rehab him. He needs to
    know from day one what the rules are in this new household. And
    definately don't let Mom or Sis start giving treats him freely, make
    him earn them by being good ( not biting ). Also get a large towel or
    2 ( if that's what it takes ) to cover the top, 2 sides & back of his
    new cage. That will make him feel a lot more secure in his new home &
    maybe less aggressive in proptecting his cage area at 1st. And then
    have your Mom totally cover the cage at bedtime, so he gets enough
    dark time to rest. Birds need their rest & can be very grumpy when
    not getting enough quiet/dark/sleep time every night.

    Also remember that birds will be more aggressive & weird acting
    during breeding season, so you need to do research as to when that is
    for this type of bird. For my Zon that's anywhere from Feb - April.
    And you really should get the bird DNA tested ASAP to see if it is a
    male or female. If it's a female then your Mom will definately need
    to keep watch for any egg producing or laying problems ( becoming egg
    bound is dangerous, even deadly ) & feed an appropriate diet for a
    female bird during their breeding season. And yes female birds can/do
    lay eggs without having a male bird present. If this bird is a male,
    he may respond better to your Mom & sister than to you being a male.
    Our Zon was suppose to be my husbands' bird, but he bonded to & with
    me ( his main care-giver ) instead. So now I constantly have to be
    the referee between the Zon & hubby when they are in the same room
    together, as they both claim me as their mate! They bicker back &
    forth with each other like a couple of kids! And it's not a whole lot
    of fun to have to deal with on a daily basis, believe me. So if this
    bird has been living around men/boys more than females/girls & hasn't
    gotten the care & attention he needed from them. He maybe more likely
    to bond with a human female & be more trainable by them instead of a
    male. All your family can do is take it one day at a time, win his
    trust & hopefully retrain him in time. So don't be a bit surprised if
    Mr. Conure decides bond to your Mom or Sis in your absence. But
    either way if he's getting out of a dirty & neglectful enviroment
    that is defintely a positive move. But it's just that it's going to
    be a lot of added respomsibility & hard work for your Mom ontop of
    all or hrr regular responsibilities

    Please do keep us informed on his/her progress as you can.

    BTW if you will check on Dr's Fosters & Smith website I believe they
    may have suggestions as to what toys are appropriate for what birds.
    I get bird/cat/dog/& fish catalogs in the mail from them every couple
    of months ( normally don't get to look thru them fully ) & they have
    a lot of stuff available.

    A Bird Owner

    Dr. F & S website