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Re: Bird Cage Colors?

Posted by Rick on 12/10/07
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    On 10/26/07, Bird mom wrote:
    > I am choosing a new cage for my 'too. While I think there
    > are many (more) important considerations, I was surprised
    > to find that modern cages come in a variety of colors and
    > I am curious about the choices others have made. What
    > color are y'all's bird cages?

    Great question.

    I like the Sandstone and the Whites for the Cockatoos and
    Greys. These colors help keep the cages to "not look so
    dusty" between periodic cleanings. Nothing worse, in my
    opinion, than a Cockatoo in a dingy, gray looking cage due
    to the dust. Just my personal choice! Quality is always
    important. But nowadays you can get the quality and the
    color you are searching for.

    For our Macaws we have the Dark Green and Black cages.