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Re: Bird Cage Colors?

Posted by Dr. Ruth on 12/10/07
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    On 12/10/07, Rick wrote:
    > On 10/26/07, Bird mom wrote:
    >> I am choosing a new cage for my 'too. While I think there
    >> are many (more) important considerations, I was surprised
    >> to find that modern cages come in a variety of colors and
    >> I am curious about the choices others have made. What
    >> color are y'all's bird cages?
    > Great question.
    > I like the Sandstone and the Whites for the Cockatoos and
    > Greys. These colors help keep the cages to "not look so
    > dusty" between periodic cleanings. Nothing worse, in my
    > opinion, than a Cockatoo in a dingy, gray looking cage due
    > to the dust. Just my personal choice! Quality is always
    > important. But nowadays you can get the quality and the
    > color you are searching for.
    > For our Macaws we have the Dark Green and Black cages.

    And if it's good enough for Rick and his life partner, it's
    good enough for you. So there!