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Re: injured bird beek

Posted by mary on 2/14/08
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    On 2/14/08, aodih gepo wrote:
    > On 2/14/08, mary wrote:
    >> Help!
    >> I have a bay parrotlet and it has an injured beek.
    >> Do these birds grow another beek if one is injured or
    >> missing?
    > It all depends on the type of injury or damage

    The mother bite the baby's beek just below its
    nostrils, and 1/2 of the tip is not attached anymore,
    but is just hanging there. The baby (about one
    month old) is still lively and eating the soft food
    I am offering, but how long can this go on for? He
    will need a beek to survive.

    Will the beek grow back, like a nail?
    Should I take the tip right off?