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Post: Parrotlet with mangled foot - Help please

Posted by Me on 3/25/08

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    The cause of the mangled foot is a long story. This is an
    adopted hypocalcemic breeding hen which I have been treating
    with calcium injections. She is about 3-4 yrs old...She is
    still a bit "loopy" and got herself in a tangle while out of
    the cage. The foot appears to be broken and somewhat
    mangled. The bleeding seems to have stopped. I doused the
    foot in peroxide, iodine, and also neosporin. I also gave
    her water and a bit of oil of oregano, then put her on clean
    paper towels in her nest box where her mate joined her for
    the night.

    My vet bills are currently maxed out with having gone down
    for two bird appointments. Do this girl have any hope of
    recovery? She bit me HARD while I was getting her cleaned
    up. I am hoping that keeping the mangled foot clean and
    disinfected as well as putting clean paper towels all over
    would be a solution. I saw a parrot at a sanctuary with NO
    FEET - bitten off in a neglectful home situation. This
    parrot was totally recovered and happy... I didn't even
    notice her missing feet.

    If anyone has any suggestions, please post or email, thank
    you. Tomorrow morning I will clean her up and handfeed her
    just to be sure she's getting some sustenance. When I put
    her to bed she still had food in her crop. Many thanks.

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