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Re: Parrotlet with mangled foot - Help please

Posted by A Bird Owner on 4/07/08
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    All I can say is that you need to put yourself in this poor
    injured birds place & see how you'd feel if your
    parent/caregiver treated you like you are treating the bird. A
    broken foot is nothing to mess around with human or bird. So
    if you really care for this bird & her future, get her to an
    Avian Vet immediately! Do you have any idea of the pain this
    injury is causing this poor bird day in & day out ( that's why
    she's biting you! )? Not to mention the pouring of hydrogen
    peroxide & iodine on the wound? I don't know who you adopted
    the bird from, but I'm sure they would be very PO'd if they
    knew about this injury & the lack of vet care she's getting.
    Surely your vet would be willing work out some sort of payment
    plan for you enlight of such a horriable accident & the need
    for professional care! Call his/her office today & tell them
    about the accident & that the bird needs vet care ASAP!

    >> The cause of the mangled foot is a long story. This is an
    >> adopted hypocalcemic breeding hen which I have been treating
    >> with calcium injections. She is about 3-4 yrs old...She is
    >> still a bit "loopy" and got herself in a tangle while out of
    >> the cage. The foot appears to be broken and somewhat
    >> mangled. The bleeding seems to have stopped. I doused the
    >> foot in peroxide, iodine, and also neosporin. I also gave
    >> her water and a bit of oil of oregano, then put her on clean
    >> paper towels in her nest box where her mate joined her for
    >> the night.
    >> My vet bills are currently maxed out with having gone down
    >> for two bird appointments. Do this girl have any hope of
    >> recovery? She bit me HARD while I was getting her cleaned
    >> up. I am hoping that keeping the mangled foot clean and
    >> disinfected as well as putting clean paper towels all over
    >> would be a solution. I saw a parrot at a sanctuary with NO
    >> FEET - bitten off in a neglectful home situation. This
    >> parrot was totally recovered and happy... I didn't even
    >> notice her missing feet.
    >> If anyone has any suggestions, please post or email, thank
    >> you. Tomorrow morning I will clean her up and handfeed her
    >> just to be sure she's getting some sustenance. When I put
    >> her to bed she still had food in her crop. Many thanks.
    > I don't see how you can treat this injury without an avian
    > vet. Contact your local humane society if you can't afford