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Re: feeding orphaned bird- throat appears bloated?

Posted by Bird Mom on 6/22/08
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    Luna, Boo is correct.

    First you need to locate some bird formula, several companys
    produce it. I also have a parentless bird I am hand feeding (
    for over 2 weeks now ). And I'm using a formula called Kaytee
    Exact for weaning birds. Since I found the bird on a weekend
    there where no stores opened that had the formula, so I started
    him/her on jarred baby food & baby rice cereal & then got
    the "real" bird formula on Monday.

    It was very hard trying to locate any useful information on
    raising a wild birds on the internet, which I found to be really
    stupid! And after hours & days of searching I finally found a
    little bit of info that comfirmed that using the jarred baby
    food along with the formula was best for wild birds. I am using
    the Beechnut brand because it is more natural & I make sure that
    I get fruit mixtures that contain apples ( which helps prevent
    sour crop from occuring ) & squash is a favorute of both my cats
    & Amazon Parrot, so I keep that on hand pretty much all of the
    time. And to feed this guy I am using a 1 CC needless syringe (
    they are skinny & long & very safe & easy to use for a non-
    hooked bill bird. I have no idea how old this fellow is, he was
    fully feathered when we found him ( but definately not old
    enough or strong enough to be on his own. ) In the past 2 weeks
    he's changed from a quite little ball of soft fluff to a very
    demanding little fellow "feed me, feed me!" is what I'm sure
    he's saying in his native bird tongue everytime he he sees a
    bowl of soft food & his feeding syringe. I have been leaving
    fresh water & some seed in his cage, but so far all he's done is
    drop stuff in the water & walk/poop in the seed! I have been
    trying to convince gim that he's old enough to at least start
    eating some foods on his own. But when he's really hungry he
    wants the food syringe & nothing else! I feed him every 2-3
    hours during the day & make sure he has a full crop at bedtime.
    I also have been using a glass jar that I fill with very hot
    water & wrap with a hand towel as a hot water bottle to help
    keep his cage comfy over night ( which is fully covered for bed
    time ). This is my 1st bird ever to hand feed & it's really been
    a learning experiance. But I now know how much hard work
    breeders do when caring for & weaning baby birds & my hat is off
    to all of them. Think I will atick with kittens or puppies from
    now on!

    Bird Mom

    6/20/08, Boo wrote:
    > On 6/19/08, Luna wrote:
    >> i'm sorry, i know this board is for parrots, but i don't know
    >> where else to look...
    > That is the bird's "crop" or holding area for the food you are
    > feeding it. If it is functioning properly, and it sounds as if
    > it is, it should be full as you describe and then empty in a
    > few hours.
    > Sounds perfectly normal to me.