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Re: Help with aging bird Mexican Cherry-head

Posted by Rodney on 10/28/08
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    On 9/04/08, Kathe wrote:
    > Hi. I have had a "wonderfully vicious" little parrot for
    > some time. He lives to bite me, but I absolutely adore
    > him. I can trick him into letting me pet him by reaching
    > around behind his BF, a cockatoo, and he nearly swoons
    > getting stroked, then he is SO angry/embarrassed when he
    > discovers this wonderful feeling is from me and not his
    > buddy! He was hand raised and is now 23yrs old. I was told
    > he was a "Mexican cherry head, but in searching that, I
    > think there must be another name they go by? Anyway,
    > lately it seems to me he is slowing down a bit. Can anyone
    > tell me their average lifespan, and what suppliments I
    > might give him? He's had a varied diet all his life...
    > Now, Roundybush as a base, and anything he wants off our
    > dinner plates. I have a lot of fruit trees, so he gets all
    > kinds of stuff I make with the fruit, including just plain
    > fresh. I selfishly want to share/squeeze every day I can
    > with this hateful little rascal. Any suggestions? Thanks!
    I hope this web link helps. It sounds liky you have a Red-
    masked Conure / Cherry-headed Conure.