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Post: Strawberry finch diet

Posted by sad_ponderer on 11/03/08

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    Hi. I just bought a couple of strawberry finches about a
    week ago and I'm wondering if someone knows what their
    favourite seeds are. I have canary mix, and two different
    kinds of finch mixes but my birds don't seem to like any
    of them much. They pick the seeds but they don't seem to
    be able to crack them or something and then drop them. I
    have two cups full of all the different seeds but they
    hardly eat any. Only one seems to be interested in spray
    millets but it's not crazy about it like a bird should be.
    I know they're not sick because they look healthy and are
    very active and won't stand still in the cage. My second
    question, is it safe to use Hydrogen peroxide on a cloth
    to disinfect the bottom of the cage and other stuff like
    perches...Any info would be appreciated. Thanks.

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