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Re: Has anyone used Pluck No More? Your thoughts?

Posted by karen on 1/19/09
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    On 1/10/09, Gwen wrote:
    > Hi everyone! I have a houseful of FIDS and have NEVER had
    > feather problems until recently. My fids never go outside
    > w/ the wild birds or anything like that but recently I
    > thought they had mites. I fid-sat my friend's macaw and he
    > goes out in the tree outside the house all day long so I
    > thought maybe he introduced mites to my fids .. that's the
    > only thing I could come up with when their feathers started
    > getting "ratty". So I had my vet come down early for their
    > check ups ... just in case. He found no mites, no eating
    > defficiencies or anything to explain the feather issues. I
    > have treated them all for the mites just as a precaution
    > but so far no change. It's not all of them just a few ...
    > and they aren't next to each other. This has really really
    > been bothering me so I called the vet again and had him
    > visit again ... still nothing! He suggested I try "Pluck No
    > More". I was just wondering if anyone on here has tried it?
    > Does it work? Where is the best place to get it? I'm
    > looking for any input on this product ... good and bad so
    > I'd LOVE to hear from you if you've used it or if you know
    > anyone has used it.
    > Thanks in advance! Gwen

    See the above link
    sounds like vit A problem
    best of luck