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Re: What's wrong?

Posted by karen on 1/27/09
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    On 1/26/09, V Amber wrote:
    > My Hanns Macaw has recently started "crying out" when
    > cleaning his feathers. I first thought his beak was too
    > long and sharp so I had it trimmed and filed but he still
    > cries out.......I feel bad for him and wonder if he could
    > have lice or maybe some kind of skin irritation but I
    > don't see anything out of the ordinary...Does anyone have
    > any thoughts?

    I would first take the bird to the vet to find out if there
    is a problem.
    I have seen CAGs do this to get moms attention.
    Pluck, cry, mom comes over to get them.
    The danger of becoming a chronic pluckier is likely.
    If the vet check comes back OK including a check for a Yeast
    Start giving the bird more attention, healthy food, foot
    toys, preening toys When he is NOT partaking in the
    negative behavior.
    I know it is hard not to go to a crying bird but you do not
    want to reinforce a negative behavior
    But please check with a good vet first!
    best of luck