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Re: macaw baby

Posted by Donna on 4/08/10
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    On 3/13/09, Brian in Wisconson wrote:
    > On 3/13/09, tom from wisconsin wrote:
    >> handfeeding 3 till today crops going down now youngest crop
    not going down seems dehydrated gave pedilite increased heat
    hes only3 -4 weeks old any help call2627516960
    > Try giving him papaya juice from health food store no sugar
    added helps to get slow crop moving or gatorade to get
    electrolites back into babys system for rehydration! otherwise
    call me at 920-645-1506 Q

    Hi Tom,
    you can also give them Pedialite, it has lots of good stuff in
    it and lots of electrolytes to
    wishing you well