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Post: Difference between MITES and banged up feathers ..

Posted by HELP! on 3/23/09

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    I was wondering if anyone can explain to me the difference
    between the look of mite damage on feathers and the birds
    just beating the feathers up by playing?? My mom has a
    scarlet that has recently gotten really ratty looking
    feathers. Not "molting ratty" just plain ratty. The have
    tiny holes that i noticed when i looked at the feathers
    against a light ... the holes are in the barbs. none of the
    damage is on the large wing feathers and tail feathers ...
    just basically the small wing and belly feathers .. none on
    the head or neck feathers either. i've tried to find info
    on the web but there's soooo little out there ... at least
    i'm not finding it! the bird is pretty young .. he's 2 so
    he's playing with his toys ALOT and i notice he beats them
    up pretty good with a couple of his toys lol he has a good

    any help would be appreciated! Oh! also there are black
    lines on some of the feathers and look like square cut outs
    on some of them! some of the edges are fringy too ... i
    dunno if i explained this well but i hope i did! HELP

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