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Re: Brazil nuts for Catalina Macaw

Posted by Lori on 4/12/09
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    How about getting him some mixed nuts in shells, they need
    to crack them open and be allowed to be a bird. Try nutsite,
    thats where we buy mixed nuts excellent quality and you can
    freeze them. I buy bulk and also their trail mixes with no
    salt. Macaws need nuts with shells, think of the wild, no
    pellets and not crap foods!

    On 4/10/09, Robin wrote:
    > I have had Rain-beau (15 year old Catalina Macaw) for
    > about 6 months now and he tolerates me, but I would like
    > to get him off so many peanuts and was wondering if non-
    > shelled Brazil nuts would be good for him or should I just
    > remove the peanuts all together - he loves pistachios and
    > walnuts, but he seems to live for peanuts. Can anyone
    > help me?