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Re: Bald Spots = Molting or Something Worse?

Posted by Lonesome Dove on 6/27/09
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    Ringneck doves are notorious for plucking each other. What
    you are seeing is advances being made by the male to the
    female. She could also be doing some of the plucking herself.
    The only cure is to separate them for some time, and this
    will only temporarily allow the feathers to grow back because
    plucking will probably continue when put back together. Or,
    you would need to house them in a very LARGE and SPACIOUS
    cage or flight so that the birds would have much more space
    between them. Also, provide bath bowls for them. Good luck.

    Ringneck On 6/26/09, Aubry wrote:
    > i have two ringneck doves that i got about a month (maybe
    > a little more) ago. i have a male and a female (and its
    > the first time ive ever had birds really.) i came home
    > today and my female's head had a bunch of small bald spots
    > on the back of her head. yesterday i was looking at her
    > and she had a small bald spot on her wing but i didnt
    > think anything of it since she had had one that was a
    > similar size (in a different place) that was filled back
    > in. but today the spot had gotten bigger and there is
    > another spot close to the same place on her other wing.
    > the male has had nothing like this. there are feathers all
    > over the floor but it does seem like more then what would
    > just be coming out of the bald spots (if that makes
    > sense).their appetite seems to be normal but the probably
    > have different food from what their previous owner gave
    > them. i hope this may be molting but its summer and i
    > thought they usually molt in the winter. if its a matter
    > of temp change then that could be a possiblity since they
    > were kept outside and are now inside in AC.
    > Advise on what i should do or what it might be?
    > Thanks Aubry