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Re: Chronic Egg Layers

Posted by Green Lady on 6/24/10
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    On 6/24/10, Christine wrote:
    > Can anyone tell me where I can buy Cats Claw Bark?
    > Apparently the birds chew it and rip at it. The bark will
    > break the breeding cycle and stop the chronic egg laying.
    > All I have been able to find is the shaved bark - the birds
    > have to be able to shave it themselves - I need big pieces
    > of the bark.

    Christine, here is a Peruvian company that sells world wide.
    They have cats claw bark in it's natural state.
    The prices are not in American dollars, so I don't know what
    it would cost, assuming you live in the US.

    You could contact them and get further information.