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    Post: FREE Love Birds (2)

    Nancy Larson

    Posted on 2/13/15
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    We have two love birds (male and female) and we need to
    find them a new home. Our daughter has outgrown them. The
    birds are happy (lay eggs frequently but none have hatched,
    yet), healthy (have owned them for two years without a
    problem). They sing in the morning and throughout the day.
    They love Disco music and perfect-pitch voices. The birds
    are very quiet, if not silent, when you cover the cage. We
    have a gorgeous bird cage we are happy to sell ($480
    purchase price) for $200. It is a double sized cage with
    the ability to separate the birds or put them on one side
    for cleaning, which is really been nice compared to the
    previous cage we owned. We live just a few miles North of
    San Francisco

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