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    Post: Blue and gold Macaw Parrot

    Tricia Hardman

    Posted on 10/09/18
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    I have a Blue and gold Macaw that is looking for a new home
    please contact me the bird is beautiful really active likes
    music, cartoon, tv, interaction with animals"i had her
    around 2 dogs occasionally" really great pet, she speaks
    very often and really engaging she would say her name also
    hi, i love you, hello, stop it, and more, she's really calm
    at night ans extremely smart also I've taken her on car
    rides sometimes. Please text me i also have home cage,
    food, travelling cage, and toys. Bird is at 600$ let me
    know if you need the cages I will give a good deal id you
    take all. Cell #(252) 365- 4912

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