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Re: how many vet trips a year do macaws have to have

Posted by KittyJ on 6/01/07
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    On 5/31/07, Tanner wrote:
    > how many vet trips do macaws have to have a year and what
    > is the pricw range

    Depending on what you need to do at the vets. An avian vet
    check up is abotu $80-150 depending on where you live. Plus
    like wing/nail/beak trimmings ($20-100, or free from your
    vet, some may charge) or blood tests($100-200+), or a fecal
    ($80-120), and if they need hospitalization or any other
    things done. These prices may be WAY off(below or higher
    than usual), or just right. So yearly you could be spending
    anything from $300-$1000+ depending on the cause. I say
    every 6 months - 1 yr check ups are good :) Once a year you
    should have your bird checked up and every few years have a
    fecal and blood tests done. But if you suspect your bird
    needs to see a vet, AVIAN vet then go ASAP!