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Re: how many vet trips a year do macaws have to have

Posted by Well, tell us how much then??? on 6/01/07
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    Well, cant take it anymore, tell us how much it is, if YOU KNOW
    SO MUCH!!

    On 6/01/07, can't take it any more! wrote:
    > On 6/01/07, KittyJ wrote:
    >> On 5/31/07, Tanner wrote:
    >>> how many vet trips do macaws have to have a year and what
    >>> is the pricw range
    >> Depending on what you need to do at the vets. An avian vet
    >> check up is abotu $80-150 depending on where you live. Plus
    >> like wing/nail/beak trimmings ($20-100, or free from your
    >> vet, some may charge) or blood tests($100-200+), or a fecal
    >> ($80-120), and if they need hospitalization or any other
    >> things done. These prices may be WAY off(below or higher
    >> than usual), or just right. So yearly you could be spending
    >> anything from $300-$1000+ depending on the cause. I say
    >> every 6 months - 1 yr check ups are good :) Once a year you
    >> should have your bird checked up and every few years have a
    >> fecal and blood tests done. But if you suspect your bird
    >> needs to see a vet, AVIAN vet then go ASAP!
    > Kitty, I'm beggng you. STOP giving advice about things that
    > you know NOTHING about! A fecal for $80-100? What are you,
    > nuts?