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Re: how many vet trips a year do macaws have to have

Posted by electra on 6/05/07
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    i loved the jerry springer matter how bad yer
    day was you could turn on the tube and know that someone womewhere's
    life was more FUBAR than yours:)

    On 6/02/07, Aunt Betty wrote:
    > On 6/02/07, KittyJ wrote:
    >> Plus I did say I could be off, because it all depends on the goign
    >> rate of that avian vet in that area. Durka durk! Why not you just
    >> grow up? People like you are the peeps who ruined this forum.
    >> Atleast I am and others are trying to make this forum prosper! Why
    >> not yo ujust go away, I am sure you do not liek being here, so why
    >> bother? If webmaster Bob made us all have log in name, would you
    >> still be here?
    > webmaster Bob???.........its more like "RINGMASTER" Bob