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Re: feeding african grey babies

Posted by Dave on 6/17/07
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    On 6/11/07, kenneth wrote:
    > i started feeding every four hours five times a day at
    > about three weeks old.when should i consider dropping a
    > feeding

    I assume that you're referring to the amount of feedings per
    The individual birds should tell you when to do that.
    Eventually, the amount of feedings per day that you do now
    won't be accepted by your chicks. They will wait for longer
    periopds of time between feedings. Let that be your guide
    line. This rule should also apply as your chicks get much
    older and are near weaning age. One chick in a clutch might
    need formula for 3 mts. Another --4 mts. Don't wean all
    together just because you've read some standard guide lines.
    Let the chicks tell you. That ensures that a chick gets all
    the natural nutrinents from formula feeding.---Dave