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Re: How long in between eggs? Linda C

Posted by Debby on 6/18/07
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    Thanks everyone for your response. These are redfront macaws, and are
    laying for the first time. I'll keep you posted as to the progress.


    >>> just found a wonderful site saying every 2 days just as I
    >>> thought.
    >>> I hope you return one day to tell us about babys :-)
    >> You might have thought that Linda, and it's true for some species,
    >> but the larger bird, Macaws included. are on a three-day-apart
    >> schedule.
    >> Please post the site so I can see and then we'll discuss.
    > I did post a site.......... I don't have big birds just went looking
    > for the info for myself anyway.
    > I do like to read here so I will keep reading.