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Re: Can you use seven dust in nest boxes??

Posted by Glenda on 6/20/07
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    On 6/20/07, Debbie wrote:
    > But it doesnt hurt the babies to breath it?
    > Just take the babies out and lightly dust the box then add the
    > shavings is what you are saying?
    > Sorry just want to make sure.
    > We have used it on our dogs for fleas before but I would have
    > never thought you could use it around birds.
    > Guess it shows you are never too old to learn new things :0)
    > Thanks
    > Debbie
    > On 6/20/07, Glenda wrote:
    >> On 6/20/07, Debbie wrote:
    >>> I have just heard from 2 different people lately that they
    >>> use seven dust 5&37; lightly in nest boxes to control
    >> mites.
    >>> I just wanted to see what others said on this so I can be
    >>> sure and tell the others its good or not.
    >>> Thanks for any info.
    >>> Debbie
    >> I have used it but I remove any babies from the box until I
    >> finish.
    >> Glenda

    Take the babies out and put it on top of the shavings. After a
    few minutes when the dust settles you can replace the babies.