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Re: 5 % yes and I do this.

Posted by LindaC in OK on 6/21/07
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    On 6/20/07, Debbie wrote:
    > I have just heard from 2 different people lately that they
    > use seven dust 5&37; lightly in nest boxes to control
    > I just wanted to see what others said on this so I can be
    > sure and tell the others its good or not.
    > Thanks for any info.
    > Debbie

    When setting up nest boxes early spring first they are
    dusted with the Sevin then about 2" of aspen wood shaving
    put in for tiels and quakers. With the aviary here
    outside/inside I knew I had to do a preventative thingey and
    ran it by my vet and she said it was great.

    good luck,