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Re: Spraddle Leg Baby Sun Conure

Posted by David Wang on 6/24/07
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    On 6/24/07, LindaC in OK wrote:
    > On 6/24/07, Evelyn wrote:
    >> Is there any hope for this baby? What can I do to help it?
    > Could be that or could be this chunky little one's weight is
    > pushing it down. To be on the safe side I would use vet
    > wrap in a strip about 1 inch wide x about 6 inches long with
    > one end cut for ties at the end. Secure the legs together
    > As high as you can get it using a figure eight sequence and
    > tie. I just did this with 2 blue quaker babys and left it
    > on for 2 full weeks. They learned to walk like a penguin
    > before it was over. Thank goodness they are okay.
    > Wishing you and baby well :-)
    > LindaC in OK
    > If you aren't handfeeding yet I certainly would so the
    > parents won't peck at the wrapping and/or baby.

    I read from some birdbook before to let the bird sit in a bowl
    (a round hollow dish) as the nest so the weight of the bird
    will push the leggs inward. Also, give full spectrum light
    for the baby to increase the chance of calcium absorption.