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Re: Spraddle Leg Baby Sun Conure

Posted by Evelyn on 6/26/07
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    Thanks to everyone for your suggestions. I took the baby to
    my vet and he determined that it was too far advanced to help,
    so, sadly, the baby was euthanized.

    On 6/24/07, Glenda wrote:
    > On 6/24/07, Evelyn wrote:
    >> Is there any hope for this baby? What can I do to help it?
    > Hi Evelyn,
    > You can help it but it must be done right now before baby
    > gets any older. This is definitely splayed leg and can be
    > caused by the mama sitting too tight on it. Here is a link
    > to fix it using a sponge which would be more comfortable
    > than some other methods I have used. Let us know how it
    > works for you.
    > Glenda