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Re: Feeding African Grey Babies

Posted by Donna on 6/28/07
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    On 6/28/07, Pegi wrote:
    > I have had 2 clutches of greys that thrive incredible the
    > first 2 weeks of life.. then have gotten sour crop and
    > died... I do not understand... I have them on sceduled
    > feeds, digital brooder, sterile feeding utensils, new
    > formula and increasing feeds.. does anyone have any

    Only feed them when the crop is empty. Feeding on your
    schedule and increasing the amount, your feeding way to much.
    Go by what the baby is telling you. You can also add a drop
    or two of apple cider vinigar to the formula once a day. It
    sounds like your doing everything else right just give the
    crop time enough to empty before putting more in