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Re: Feeding African Grey Babies

Posted by Donna on 6/29/07
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    On 6/28/07, Pegi wrote:
    > On 6/28/07, Donna wrote:
    >> On 6/28/07, Pegi wrote:
    >>> I have had 2 clutches of greys that thrive incredible the
    >>> first 2 weeks of life.. then have gotten sour crop and
    >>> died... I do not understand... I have them on sceduled
    >>> feeds, digital brooder, sterile feeding utensils, new
    >>> formula and increasing feeds.. does anyone have any
    >> suggestions?
    >> Only feed them when the crop is empty. Feeding on your
    >> schedule and increasing the amount, your feeding way to much.
    >> Go by what the baby is telling you. You can also add a drop
    >> or two of apple cider vinigar to the formula once a day. It
    >> sounds like your doing everything else right just give the
    >> crop time enough to empty before putting more in
    >> Donna
    > The crop was completely empty every time which is why it is so
    > puzzling to me. Only on the day he died did his crop not empty
    > well. During the day he seemed to feed every 2.5 to 3 hours
    > then at night he would go about 3.5 to 4 hours without eating.
    > I had never heard the vinegar before....I may try
    > that.....thanks for the advice Pegi

    Have you done a necropsy on these babies? It might not be sour
    crop. Sorry for your loss though.