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Post: Parrotlet Breeding Question

Posted by Beth on 7/03/07

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    I have a pair of Pacific parrotlets that just started
    working their nestbox. "Gloria" is a 2 year-old hen that I
    paired with "Ricky" about one year ago (he is approx. 4
    years old and proven for his first owner...he had lost his
    mate due to egg binding). I've had the nestbox up for about
    3 months, and this is the first time they have taken
    interest in it. My question is in regards to their general
    breeding behavoir...Gloria has never laid before and acts a
    little disinterested in Ricky's constant working of the
    nestbox. And Ricky was a parent-raised bird who skirts out
    of the box the second I enter the room (they are in a quiet
    bedroom). I've heard that adding additional parrotlet pairs
    where they can hear but not see each other is one way to
    encourage successful breeding, but I would really just like
    to concentrate on my one pair and not purchase another for
    the sole purpose of getting the others to lay.

    Any tips or ideas? I know nature will tell Gloria whether or
    not her nest will be appropriate for her to lay, but Ricky's
    skittishness has me concerned that he'll never be quite
    comfortable as long as people are around. I know he was kept
    in an aviary away from people, previous to coming to live
    with me.

    Sorry so long!

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