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Re: Whish bird is this right one?

Posted by karen on 7/18/07
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    On 7/18/07, Jeanine wrote:
    > I am looking to purchase a bird. I have children (4&10)
    > and want a friendly parrot. I would like the parrot to be
    > affectionate and talkative without having to worry about
    > biting. What would you recommend?

    Yes, all birds will bite at times.
    But you are correct some birds are a better choice.
    There are so many things to consider.
    Past bird experience
    How much time you will be spending with the bird
    Etc. etc.
    When I a child 30+ years ago.
    I had a budgie. I got lucky; he was a big tame boy
    He was the best little buddy I ever had.
    (As a childhood memories go)
    He was allowed out when ever there was someone home who
    wanted to spend time with him (OFTEN)
    He would “steal” veg. so often he got his own plate at
    He would sit on mother’s hands as she knit and fight the
    yarn and needles.
    Dad was in bed for 4 wks after back surgery and they played
    for hours at a time
    He also had the best vocabulary!
    He had over 20 sayings that could be understood.
    He taught us a real appreciation for birds and compassion
    for “little critters”
    Do not discount the budgie as a great pet. But choose
    carefully! I would not get one from a pet store.
    Pay a bit more and get a large healthy hand tame one from a
    good breeder. They should live 10-15 years.
    If fed well, left flighted for exercise etc.
    If you were set on a larger bird I would not consider a Too
    or a Macaw with a 4-year-old.
    A blue front amazon tends to be a calm bird.
    But it all depends on you and the bird.
    But please remember you can not leave a bird & child
    together unsupervised!