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Re: Whish bird is this right one?

Posted by Uncle Festor on 7/19/07
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    On 7/18/07, karen wrote:
    > On 7/18/07, Jeanine wrote:
    >> Thanks. I started to rule out Amazons and Macaws. What about
    >> Greys or Eclectus Parrots?
    > I have a TAG he is a calm good boy.
    > I would not advise a Congo around children.
    > Greys like a calm quiet house.
    > Children may move too fast, be too loud.
    > A Grey will BITE if he feels threatened.
    > Also not many Greys are cuddly.
    > An Eclectics requires a vary special diet as they are
    > Prone to liver disease, not for the novice
    > unless they are willing to put in a lot of time
    > educating themselves to these birds special needs.
    > A Quaker may be more tolerant to children.
    > They like a more active house from what I have seen.
    > Quakers require a lot of toys and play area.
    > With children I would leave any bird flighted so it can get away.
    > Also remember the Amazons differ by breed.
    > Double yellow heads are more hot tempered
    > Blue front and Orange wing tend to be milder
    > If you have a large refuge in your area you may have luck
    > adding an adult bird to your family. A bird that is 10+ years
    > old has a developed personality.(You have a better idea of what
    > you are getting into, all baby birds are nice)
    > I volunteered at a refuge for about 1 years and seen many
    > birds pick there own family.
    > Do your research and take your time.
    > Adding a bird to your house is like adding another child.
    > good luck

    On a serious note, why not a cockatiel or a parakeet. Each one
    you can get handfed. Parakeets are hard to find handfed.
    Cockatiels are great birds. But you have to remember they go thru
    an adolescent stage and get nippy around 1 1/2 to 2 yrs. It
    doesn't last long but this is the time when some people give up on
    them. I would not get a large bird with kids.