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Re: advice on selecting new bird

Posted by Dave on 7/19/07
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    On 7/19/07, sheila ghattas wrote:
    > Hi, I currently have a conure, and am doing some research
    > as to getting an additional bird, have narrowed it down to
    > a timneh grey, bare eyed cockatoo, or amazon. I like a
    > clownish personality, would like a talker. and have
    > children (who are great with the conure, age 11 and 13)
    > any advice would be welcome, as all three seem like a good
    > fit.

    Forget the clownish personality. None that you name are
    clownish. There are more important things to look out for.
    A TAG is very bold and daring and many don't like
    children. Neither a TAG or a CAG are cuddly birds. It's
    basically a bird for an adult. Any parrot might get along
    with the conure or it might not. There's no way to tell.
    Most TOOs are extremely loud and irratic in their
    personality. Most are not good talkers. They're very clingy
    birds that that need out of the cage, on the playstand
    quality time. At times, they can be moody and nippy
    especially if they're ignored.
    A ZON is a decent bird, relatively quiet, friendly with
    most, can put up with kids. It's not clownish. It needs
    quality time out of the cage and exercise because they have
    a tendency to obesity which could possibly lead to liver
    ailments. Stay away from Double Yellow Headed and Green Wing
    Amazons. Both are aggressive. Yellow Nape or Yellow Crowned
    are good ZONs. Stay away from IRNs. Aggressive and sneaky.
    Zons can develop a decent vocabulary. Again, there's no
    guarantees concerning friendship with your other bird nor
    are there any guarantees about talking ability of any
    parrot. Actually, if a person puts to much emphysis on
    talking, there might be dissapointments down the road. In
    general, Rosellas and Jenday and Nanday conures have good
    friendly personalities and are somewhat clownish.
    It's not a good idea to choose a particular species based on
    what people's individual experiences are. All parrots are
    very individualistic. You might have 2 of the same species
    in front of you but each will have their own personality---