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Re: advice on selecting new bird

Posted by Dave on 7/20/07
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    On 7/19/07, Shiela g wrote:
    > sorry, accidently reposted. Thank you Dave for the response,
    > the inform. is appreciated. When you say stay away from
    > Irn's they are aggressive and sneaky, what birds are you
    > referring to, (wasn't sure of the abbreviation)
    > thanks
    > Sheila

    Indian Ring Necks--There's a lot of mutations but all are the
    same. They're best dealt with by more experienced parrot
    owners. That's not to say that you're an ignorant parrot
    owner. I just get the impression that you're looking for an
    all around type family bird. As with all parrots, they should
    be quickly intergrated into daily family life that involves
    all members. Get a young bird. That'll give your kids a chance
    to make friends and lose possible fear of larger parrots if
    that presently exists. In the end, the choice is yours. Good